Our Core Beliefs & Box Rules: (Rules are non-negotiable)

1.   ALL CLASSES WILL BE CAPPED AT 18 PEOPLE.  You MUST sign up for class in advance and, since classes are capped, it is critical that you show up for the time you signed up for. If you miss your class, you will be assigned a 20 BURPEE PENALTY that will be paid in full the next class you attend.   You may be wondering why the 18 person cap?  We set this cap to ensure each of you receive the one on one personal attention needed to help each of you reach your maximum potential

2.   Be On Time. Classes are an hour in length.  During that hour, your coach will cover that days WOD, perform a specific warm up geared towards that day’s workout, complete the days WOD, break down equipment, then wrap the hour up with a Stretch/finisher.   If you show up late, a penalty will be assigned.  Each penalty is at the sole discretion of the coach.

3.   The ULTIMATE RULE… RESPECT. You will respect everyone who is a part of our “Family”.  We don’t care what level you are at, or how big your ego may be. If you are in our facility, everyone is equal and will be treated as such.  We will not tolerate any malicious and or disrespectful remarks about any of our “Family Members” (and every athlete at CrossFit Bentonville is considered family). Each of us may have different abilities and personal goals, but in the end, we all have the same ultimate Goal: The Goal to achieve our MAXIMUM POTENTIAL. If you plan on being a member of this gym, you MUST respect everyone.